My Church


The seeds for the planting of the San Juan Seventh-day Adventist Church were sown in 1927 by Bro. Grimshaw who being led by the Holy Spirit, was impressed to find a place for worship, sought help from the overseas workers who were then in charge. For the moment, they were handicapped but a beacon of hope came when the Archer family began worshiping at their home at Jogie Road. Sometime later in a daring move, Bro Grimshaw transformed his home at Don Miguel Street, El Socorro into a worship center where the brethren could meet and enjoy the wonders of God’s love.

After some time, they went in search of a location and after trudging through marshes and swamp lands, the group came upon a spot which is now known as #35 Prizgar Road, San Juan. Through toil and labour, day and night, cutting and burning, a tapir structure then became the first official home of the San Juan S.D.A. Church which was dedicated on the 5th May, 1928.

The work of the present edifice began in 1959 and it proved to be a labour of love, sacrifice and dedication on the path of the then church members. Bro Herbert Greaves, an Elder at that time was also a builder and was given the job to erect the church.

The money allocated by the Conference was insufficient to pay him a salary for such a structure. Having a family to support and not wanting to burden the members to come up with the rest of the money, he turned to God for help.

God interceded in a very surprising way and he was offered another job to construct another building in the area. Having to juggle these two projects at the same time was no easy feat and most times after finishing his day’s work on the other building, Bro Greaves and his crew worked until 11:00pm on the church’s edifice.The church progressed with the help of young and old, who dedicated their time and efforts towards the erection of this place of worship. This new building was rededicated on October 30th, 1962.

From that time to now, there is one known survivor from that era who helped in the construction of the San Juan Seventh-Day Adventist church. It is none other than Sister Collinwood, a very affectionate elderly lady who faithfully attends the very church she helped construct.

Decades later we continue to reflect on the victories gained and challenges we have overcome. But we look forward to the future, knowing not what it hold but confident of this very thing: “He who has begun a good work in us, will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ.”